Amsterdam’s a very vibrant city. At first glance you might get the impression that everything’s chaotic and unorganised but once you synchronise with the city’s rhythm you just can’t get enough of it. Especially when you visit it when special events take place. Last year (finally!) I decided to visit Amsterdam during the most famous celebrations; […]

Since I’ve moved to a new place it might be a good idea to share my observations on the world around me. I think it could be quite fascinating. Living in a country where art and culture are in every corner will definitely make my stay here interesting. Iceland, that’s the place. It was always my dream […]

I guess everyone needs something to stay motivated and inspired, be it people, places, music, books, films, etc. We need something that influences us to keep the things going. Something that remains in our heads for long and in moments of despais serves a good remainder (“Hey, don’t give up, you can do it! Remeber what […]

I love travelling by train in Poland. Such journeys almost always abound in a variety of unexpected situations. For example, today’s trip was full of educational opportunities. When I was waiting 2 hours for the train (that apparently wasn’t meant to show up), I had a great chance to learn all the trains’ timetables and […]

Since I was little I’ve always loved travelling by train. I always waited with anticipation for the moment when I get on the train and the driver would start the engine and go. The peculiar sound of wheels resembling the beat of a drum, steady and rhythmical, ta-da, ta-da, ta-da… So I was extremely happy […]

When I was planning my trip to Ulyanovsk, a city where I’ll be working for couple of months, I’d checked different options how to get there. The easiest (as I thought that time) was for me to go by train through Kiev – thanks to this I would save time and energy dealing with visa […]

“Stranger than Paradise” has definitely been one of my favourite films ever. While preparing myself for the Russian Adventure, surprisingly, I had this theme in my head. That’s how I perceive Russia. A hopeless place full of snow, deserted and unfriendly. “It’s not always frozen.” That’s what Eva says. Can it be a good fortune […]