Journal of less important matters 11/07/2019

I had a dream last night. The old house was falling down. The mice were gnawing holes in the floor. The od cats were sleeping. The young one drew near me. The Tarot reading showed a card "Death". This is the end, this is the end.  And I love to see the old house collapse... Continue Reading →

The Dark Side Of Mine

/15/06/2019/ Last night she died. So don't look for her in the places where she used to stay. She won't be there. She took the last sip of life And walked away. Back to the grave. I won't miss her. This ghost haunted me, Tried to kill me alive Tried to suck my energy out.... Continue Reading →

Journal of less important matters 07/06/2019

Whenever I come across any article about healing from traumatic experiences, their authors stress the importance of accepting and forgiving; both yourself and the person who hurt you. According to various specialists, that's the most difficult part of the healing process. Lately, I've been having flashbacks of events from my life that I thought were... Continue Reading →

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