Let the sunshine in!

It's almost May and I can count the sunny days on fingers of only one hand. The weather is not very willing to treat us with warm air and sunny skies. That is why, when I saw the sun today, it made me really happy. I like the sunshine. A lot... Funny I say this,... Continue Reading →

Oh, hi again. I missed you.

I've been rewriting this post several times now. I really don't know how or what should I say here. Maybe I ought to just keep it simple, then? I'm back with my first child, Stranger Than Paradise. My favorite one. For the past two years I devoted myself to my second blog that served as a therapy for... Continue Reading →

Inspiration #2 Soundtrack of our lives

"Without music, life would be a mistake." Friedrich Nietzsche  #2 MUSIC Well, most surely music is the only thing that is with me at all times. I listen to music almost everywhere and while I'm doing different things like working, cleanng, cooking, chatting, doing nothing... On the radio, music player or simply floating there in... Continue Reading →

From labs to Wonderland

Seems like Alice hasn't been the inspiration only for me. I've come across an article about an Italian charity that helps rescue animals from labs or cases of mistreatment. They've come up with an idea to have a special photo-shoot inspired by L. Carroll's novel. The animals like mice, rats, rabbits and guinea pigs once badly... Continue Reading →

Lifetime Inspirations #9

This one's gonna be short. 9. MY WORK Believe me or not. I take great pleasure and satisfaction out of my work. Every day I meet different people, we talk, we laugh, I become part of their lives, they become part of my life and me. I watch them grow and develop. I see how... Continue Reading →

TOP 10 Lifetime Inspirations

I guess everyone needs something to stay motivated and inspired, be it people, places, music, books, films, etc. We need something that influences us to keep the things going. Something that remains in our heads for long and in moments of despais serves a good remainder ("Hey, don't give up, you can do it! Remeber what... Continue Reading →

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