Easter Flashbacks

Sorry for not posting for such long. The Easter time was quite intensive and I thought that a little break from the virtual world will only do good to me. Plus, I was a bit anti-social(media) those days and stayed offline for most of the time. However, I'm back on track with a handful of nice... Continue Reading →

Happy International Women's Day!

Ladies! Today's our day! Have you already received some flowers or chocolates from your men? Or maybe you decided to treat yourselves in a special today or do something you really like? Whatever it is, 8th March is a really nice day to celebrate (especially with such lovely weather outside 🙂 ). I've decided to... Continue Reading →

My favourite day of the year

There are days for which I'm waiting with bigger anticipation than for the others. Today's one of them. It's what we call the Fat Thursday, the last celebrations of carnival before the Lent. I've already given you some idea of what this day is about and how we celebrate it, you can just click here to... Continue Reading →

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