Probably, to some it wouldn’t be anything special, to others too short, too boring, too emotional, too little or too much. To some, though, it might be just the thing enough to see the positive, to find the light. And those are ones for whom my book is dedicated. It’s for everyone who struggles with anxiety, doubts, hesitations, fears.
It shall all pass, dears, I can promise you this.

To me, this book is everything I’d been through. I’ve always doubted myself, I could never see my true value, always compered myself to others. I was super critical, overambitious and never fully satisfied with anything I’d done. Until one day, when my world turned upside down… It all started again. This time, however, I won. All by myself, without any help.

Today is the moment when my transformation completes itself. It’s time to finally break up with self-doubt and shyness, and let the world hear my words. And it’s all happening now. That’s why this book is a gift from myself to myself – a reward for not giving up, a prize for keep on fighting. A cherry on top of the rocky mountain I had to climb.
– Lusessita Kingsley


„The Love is a mystery, gives us wings and elevates us to heaven but wings are not strong enough to stay there forever unfortunately. Thanks to Your Poetry Lussesita, I can recall the feeling when the Love is in the air ❤️” Magda, Poland


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