Life does go in cycles! My cycle lasts about 2 years. And funny I say this because I perfectly remember myself from 2 years ago. I was still living in Iceland, but I had a problem to adopt to that style of living, mentality, climate, etc. I also couldn’t really accept the idea that despite […]

There are days for which¬†I’m waiting with bigger anticipation than for the others. Today’s one of them. It’s what we call the Fat Thursday, the last celebrations of carnival before the Lent. I’ve already given you some idea of what this day is about and how we celebrate it, you can just click here to […]

It’s been ages since I last wrote a post. I got inspired to get back here by some spammer trying to convince me my blog is worth to go viral and she (???) has some useful tips to help me become more visible… ūüėČ To my amazement, I last posted 8 months ago for Easter […]

I love travelling by train in Poland. Such journeys almost always abound in a variety of unexpected situations. For example, today’s trip was full of educational opportunities. When I was waiting 2 hours for the train (that apparently wasn’t meant to show up), I had a great chance to learn all the trains’ timetables and […]

Have you ever wondered what is the real sign of spring? Birds singing, or maybe green leaves on trees, flowers in bloom? Apparently, in Warsaw it seems a little bit different. The spring is officially announced when you can go outside wearing shorts and relax all day in the sun. On the beach. In fact, […]

Today ¬†we’re celebrating a Fat Thursday. It’s the last Thursday before the Lent and it indicates that the carnival is ending.¬†Traditionally, it is a day dedicated to eating. People meet ¬†with their friends and relatives and eat large quantities of sweets, cakes and other meals forbidden during Lent. In Poland the most popular food eaten […]

The sunny weather seems to get acquainted with Warsaw and keeps brightening our days with a lovely, warm and springtime¬†air. Ideal conditions to go for a tour and learn something new about the capital city. It happened that today the tour was about the old part of Mokotow district, the “residential” area where in the […]

Usually, on Monday mornings I get up with a “don’t-come-close-to-me” attitude. Firstly, because I hate mornings. Secondly, I hate Mondays. Today, it wasn’t any better.  Especially when I had in mind a vision of all the morning spent in public offices… However, the more I walked through the city, the better I felt. It’s such […]

Evey day when I ¬†leave my flat or get back home I can’t help smiling to myself. It’s all because of this very little piece of paper taped to the wall downstairs of my building. It’s like a regular message to all the people having or renting the flats in the building. Nothing special at […]