Easter Flashbacks #2

On Easter Sunday I was invited to join the family in their summer house in Laugarvatn, a place located not so far away from The Golden Circle area. The area known for the geysers and famous waterfall called Gullfoss. The weather was very unlike Easter, there was still a lot of snow and rather gloomy skies,... Continue Reading →

Easter Flashbacks

Sorry for not posting for such long. The Easter time was quite intensive and I thought that a little break from the virtual world will only do good to me. Plus, I was a bit anti-social(media) those days and stayed offline for most of the time. However, I'm back on track with a handful of nice... Continue Reading →

A walk with a view

Since I've moved to a new place it might be a good idea to share my observations on the world around me. I think it could be quite fascinating. Living in a country where art and culture are in every corner will definitely make my stay here interesting. Iceland, that's the place. It was always my dream... Continue Reading →

A mystery train

I love travelling by train in Poland. Such journeys almost always abound in a variety of unexpected situations. For example, today's trip was full of educational opportunities. When I was waiting 2 hours for the train (that apparently wasn't meant to show up), I had a great chance to learn all the trains' timetables and... Continue Reading →

Morskie Oko Park Tour

The sunny weather seems to get acquainted with Warsaw and keeps brightening our days with a lovely, warm and springtime air. Ideal conditions to go for a tour and learn something new about the capital city. It happened that today the tour was about the old part of Mokotow district, the "residential" area where in the... Continue Reading →

Volga Memories

The weather outside has  significantly worsened today, which always makes me feel a bit more nostalgic and thoughtful. Or maybe it's just the film I saw yesterday... 😉 Anyway I went back to my folder with all the photos I've taken so far while being here in Russia. I came across a set of photos from... Continue Reading →

The sweetest delights of Russia

As soon as I decided to complain a little about the Internet companies in Ulyanovsk (shame on me), my boss received a message from one of them that they are able to connect everything today. Soo here it is! My Internet ;)) Time to get back on track and share more of my Russian impressions.... Continue Reading →

In the search of the Internet

For the couple of weeks I (and my boss) have been struggling to find any Internet provider for my flat. The most common answer we could hear is that they don't work in the area where I live. However, one answer just made my day. After several days of contacting one company, they have finally... Continue Reading →

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