But she wasn’t

(02/01/2018) But she wasn’t enough Her mind wasn’t enough Her body wasn’t enough Her smile wasn’t enough Her words weren’t to be heard Her actions weren’t to be noticed Her struggles weren’t to be seen Her heartaches weren’t to be cured Her eyes won’t meet yours again Her hands won’t clasp yours again Her lips … More But she wasn’t

The doctor

(09/10/2018) Doctor, doctor – where do you think you’re going? You’ve cut my heart wide open and now you’re leaving me here on this cold operating table, bleeding, dying… Doctor, I’m dying! You’ve left to do what? What is more important for you than the life of his own patient? Doctor, please, hurry up! You … More The doctor


(11/01/2018) Spread your wings my butterfly It’s finally the time The transformation has completed with millions of colors on your wings The road was rocky and steep and full of obstacles But you made it till the end your persistence has led you all the way What a pleasure it is to see you smile … More Butterfly


(27/09/2017) I closed my eyes. The sun rays – gently dancing on my eyelids creating colorful light spectacles. “So this is it”, I thought. I looked through the window. The cars – slowly passing by and the leaves subtly hovering in the air “So this is it”, I thought. © Lusessita Kingsley 2018

2 A.M.

(05/10/2017) 2 a.m. I woke up to see you’re awake, too. Scared of what you might do I stay silent. “I was thinking about you”, you said. I knew.   2.30 a.m. Thoughts in my head, they make me blue. Confused of what to do I stay hesitant. “I don’t want to fight no more”, you … More 2 A.M.


(09/02/2018) I caught myself today Feeling completely nothing What a strange sensation To not feel anything No cramps in my stomach No fear, no anxiety. No butterflies in my stomach, either No happiness round the corner, no laughter. Have I died yet? Or is just me being blocked? I caught myself today Being frozen in … More Blocked