Hurry up, you still can get my ebook at a discounted price!

Last days of a special promotion. The price of a digital copy of my book is now $2.99. Click the image to see the promotion The promotion ends on 17th May. The book itself is a collection of poems and mini-stories that deal with searching and finding yourself in the chaos of everyday's existence, discovering... Continue Reading →

On the Pursuit of Happiness. Part Six.

(November 2016)   Morning reflections.   Something has changed.  In me, I guess. Dancing no longer helps, nor does the alcohol. I eat, I drink, I sleep, I go to work. Everything seems to be automatic, though. Days go by, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays... I hardly notice. Thoughts in my head. Thousands of thoughts per minute. None... Continue Reading →

On the Pursuit of Happiness. Part One.

(November 2016) New Beginnings. Take a deep breath.  Breathe out. Repeat. And again. Try to keep focused. Count to ten then breathe again and stay focused. I keep telling myself this all the time these days. It’s difficult. My mind keeps drifting away from today’s reality. I am already thinking about all the changes that... Continue Reading →

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