Evening chill

Today is my lazy day. All day I’ve been chilling and relaxing, preparing some good food, chatting with my friends and catching up with the news. I was very much delighted to find out that one of my favourite artists, Nicolas Jaar has just released his new EP. Can’t get better than that. 🙂 (I’ve posted … More Evening chill

Happy Easter!!!

Wishing you all happy and familial Easter. Let it be a peaceful time full of joy and laughter  and let it bring the new and fresh into our lives. Enjoy the holidays and relax as much as possible. And don’t think about diets, it’s celebration time! 😉 Happy Easter everyone!

Inspiration #1 (nice)Land of ice and fire PART TWO

As you could see in my previous post, Icelandic nature and landscapes had a huge impact on me. I was totally inspired by the views. However, the thing with this trip wasn’t only about the places there. It was much more than that. I think the most important and inspirational aspect of this journey were … More Inspiration #1 (nice)Land of ice and fire PART TWO

Inspitarion #1: (nice)Land of ice and fire PART ONE

It often happens to me that I somehow manage to be in the right places with the right people. But even when I felt really comfortable at some places, there always was something disturbing, which deterring me from fully experiencing the place. The only time when everything was perfectly perfect was during my long-dreamt travel … More Inspitarion #1: (nice)Land of ice and fire PART ONE