Today  we’re celebrating a Fat Thursday. It’s the last Thursday before the Lent and it indicates that the carnival is ending. Traditionally, it is a day dedicated to eating. People meet  with their friends and relatives and eat large quantities of sweets, cakes and other meals forbidden during Lent. In Poland the most popular food eaten […]

The sunny weather seems to get acquainted with Warsaw and keeps brightening our days with a lovely, warm and springtime air. Ideal conditions to go for a tour and learn something new about the capital city. It happened that today the tour was about the old part of Mokotow district, the “residential” area where in the […]

Recently, I’ve worked on translations of a very interesting project. It’s called “Send a  Postcard for a Better World”. The main idea is that you send a postcard where you  share your thoughts and ideas about the world and its problems as well as about your personal concerns. I got completely involved in the project […]

More than a year ago, I decided to go healthy and radically change my lifestyle.  I thought the best way to do so would be simply to change my diet and start some nice sport (or at least be physically active). As I had already reduced the amount of sugar and salt in my meals, […]

New Year’s Eve is for lots of people the most important celebration throughout the whole year. It’s the time when the old year ends and when the new one starts. People anticipate this moment with excitement since many of them have already created some expectations about the upcoming year. However, for some people it’s the […]