Ebook promo starts – get my book for $0.99

As of today my book "On The Pursuit of Happiness" is available in the ebook format with a very special price. You can order it now 76% OFF !!! Click the image to see the promotion A digital copy is available now for only $0.99. The promotion lasts from 10th to 12th May 2019. After... Continue Reading →


Today will be more of a personal post. I feel like I should explain myself to my friends and family for being so unavailable in the past months. I hope you'll understand as it was a very important time in my life. I became absent to most of social events. Whenever someone wanted to reach... Continue Reading →

St. Lucia’s Day

Today is my nameday, the feast of St. Lucy.Saint Lucy came from a wealthy Sicilian family and was born in the end of 3rd century. Rejecting marriage and worldly goods (she'd benevolently give away all the family's wealth and devote herself to help the presecuted Christians), she vowed to remain a virgin, which angered her suitor, a... Continue Reading →

A Lesson on Tolerance

Some time ago I was really excited to attend one of the summer festivals in Iceland. I chose Secret Solstice, the one that takes place during summer solstice, which means the sun is on 72 hours with only minutes separating the sunsets from sunrises. Still being lucky with the sun, I could enjoy the shows... Continue Reading →

Inspiration #2 Soundtrack of our lives

"Without music, life would be a mistake." Friedrich Nietzsche  #2 MUSIC Well, most surely music is the only thing that is with me at all times. I listen to music almost everywhere and while I'm doing different things like working, cleanng, cooking, chatting, doing nothing... On the radio, music player or simply floating there in... Continue Reading →

Inspiration #3: Stranger than Paradise

Films play a big role in our lives. Just like with the books, we can live the lives of the characters, feel their emotions and learn on their mistakes. We can remember important quotes, scenes and remember them for long. It's the same with me. I love watching the same films again and again, paying attention... Continue Reading →

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