Today will be more of a personal post. I feel like I should explain myself to my friends and family for being so unavailable in the past months. I hope you’ll understand as it was a very important time in my life. I became absent to most of social events. Whenever someone wanted to reach … More Closer…

St. Lucia’s Day

Today is my nameday, the feast of St. Lucy. Saint Lucy came from a wealthy Sicilian family and was born in the end of 3rd century. Rejecting marriage and worldly goods (she’d benevolently give away all the family’s wealth and devote herself to help the presecuted Christians), she vowed to remain a virgin, which angered her suitor, … More St. Lucia’s Day

Inspiration #1 (nice)Land of ice and fire PART TWO

As you could see in my previous post, Icelandic nature and landscapes had a huge impact on me. I was totally inspired by the views. However, the thing with this trip wasn’t only about the places there. It was much more than that. I think the most important and inspirational aspect of this journey were … More Inspiration #1 (nice)Land of ice and fire PART TWO

Inspitarion #1: (nice)Land of ice and fire PART ONE

It often happens to me that I somehow manage to be in the right places with the right people. But even when I felt really comfortable at some places, there always was something disturbing, which deterring me from fully experiencing the place. The only time when everything was perfectly perfect was during my long-dreamt travel … More Inspitarion #1: (nice)Land of ice and fire PART ONE

Inspiration #4: Show me your bookshelf and I'll tell what type of person you are

Books, books, books.

Science fiction, satire, drama, action and adventure, romance, mystery, horror, guides, travel, children’s, religious, science, historical, poetry, comics, art, cookbooks, diaries, journals, series, trilogies, biographies, autobiographies, fantasy… All the books. … More Inspiration #4: Show me your bookshelf and I'll tell what type of person you are

Inspirations 6 & 5

PEOPLE and PLACES It’s how I see this. People make places and places make people. They’re inseparable. They influence on each other so much that they become one. At least in my opinion. Don’t you have it the same that when you go somewhere, the impression about this particular place is strongly based on the experience … More Inspirations 6 & 5