“Look at the Moon” person

I’ve always loved watching the starry sky and moon changing her shape with every passing night. No wonder why all things mystical are so attractive to me.

As you know, I’ve started my adventure with Tarot cards. At first, I thought they’d tell me the future. However, with time I understood that Tarot is so much more than simply predicting he future. It’s philosophy of life. It’s deep spiritual and esoteric connection to oneself and higher realms of the Universe.

I wouldn’t like to predict the future for anyone, and personally, I wouldn’t like to know how things would sort out in my life. Therefore, my practice with Tarot cards is more like the guidance for the seeker. I wish to stimulate others to go deep within, connect with their hearts and souls and work through any negative patterns or traumas they store there.

For this reason, I decided to start a channel on Rumble to share with you current vibrations of the astral world.

See you there.


Click to see the video.

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