Soul contract

How bizzare

My heart is still longing for your love

After all this time

After all the pain

How strange it feels

After all I’ve learnt about you

I got so confused

I’ve never known you

I didn’t know anything about

Your true life and things you’ve done

You’d only give me scraps of

What you’d really been occupied with

I never met you on the deep level

You’d only tell me lies

You’d hide your true identity

And reasons behind your actions

Yet my soul

Has already known

That you are the one

Even though, everything I thought

I knew about you

Turned out to be a lie

But my soul has loved you

Since many lifetimes

And when we met

Yet another time

For the first time in this life

I knew I found you

I knew you’re the one

Two bodies

One soul

One flame igniting two hearts

© Lusessita Kingsley 2021


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