The plot twist

The events from the recent past

To some it’s all about saving their lives

To me, it’s just a curio

On what’s going on in the world

On where the truth lies

I’ve never been into politics

Until it violently entered my private space

We live in the times of unrest

And no one is fully safe

So it happened to me once

A few months back

That I experienced on my own

How it feels to be scared by those in powers

For speaking the truth

For sharing the “unpopoular” opinion

They used the mind control technique

Trying to threaten me

And convince that if I didn’t obey

I’d die

They tried to convince me

That I was emotionally unstable

That I needed a therapy


I took the truth too personally

They tried to force me

To speak their narrative

To become silent

To move away from the topic

They were very skilled, and clever

I must say

For even when I went to the police station

The only thing I could report on

Was how I felt and what I thought it was

I decided to prevail, to remain silent

I knew the truth already

And the truth is finally out there as well

And here goes the plot twist

While I’m silent

They think they’re in control

They think they’ve won

And managed to tape my mouth

They probably think I now live in fear

But that’s not the case

They don’t know that all the events

In fact, forced me to break

The remaining walls of fear

That were left in my life

I had to stand face to face with the “Devil”

The biggest deamon that was haunting me

That I conquered in no time

I was visited by Jesus and his Angelic guards

They awarded me with faith, hope and strength

To help me survive

I had talks with Jesus, they were so reassuring

They filled my heart with joy

In those day

I finally comprehended what the true meaning of unconditional love is

The attempts of the evil

Were aimed at breaking my spirit

Pushing me into the corner in fear

And destroying my mentality

Yet, the events have only led me to the highest state of the Enlightment

Three days full of bliss

Dowloading the light codes from the divine world

Every mistake I have realised

Peace has arrived

New chapter has begun

New era has come

Personally and globally

© Lusessita Kingsley 2021


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