St. Lucia’s Day

Today is St. Lucia’s Day. Today is my nameday. Today is the day to allow light into our lives. Happy Friday, everyone!

Lusessita Kingsley

Today is my nameday, the feast of St. Lucy.

Saint Lucy came from a wealthy Sicilian family and was born in the end of 3rd century. Rejecting marriage and worldly goods (she’d benevolently give away all the family’s wealth and devote herself to help the presecuted Christians), she vowed to remain a virgin, which angered her suitor, a wealthy pagan, who denounced her to the local Roman authority- Paschasius, the Governor of Syracuse. He then sentenced her to be sent to a brothel and forced into prostitution. According to legend, when the guards came to take her away, Lucy became immovable. They could not move her even by a team of oxen. Bundles of wood were then amassed around her and set on fire, but the divine intervention proved her impermeable to the flames. Finally, her neck was pierced by a sword and she would only die after receiving the Christia sacrament.

As we…

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