Journal of less important matters 05/10/2019

This morning was quite slow and lazy.

I didn’t have any errands to run, nothing urgent to arrange.

I decided on a little lie-in.

I like such cosy mornings. Wrapped up in bed linen, I was watching trees gently dancing in the wind outside.

I imagined how it’d be if we were together then…

I could touch your face, stroke your hair, kiss your lips. 

I’d interlace my fingers with yours, entwined  we’d make love…

This morning, I strongly felt the urge to witness you, taste your skin, breathe in your scent, touch your every inch. 

This morning, something meaningful was missing. 

Another body next to mine. Not any body, though, yours, next to mine.

Your masculine to complement my feminine. 

A man of yours to merge with a woman of mine. 

This morning, I strongly felt that.


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