The night I met you


The night when I met you…
The world ceased to exist. It was like a thunderbolt from heaven. You lit up the place. I couldn’t take my eyes off you.
I’d secretly peep on you, trying to check whether you were interested in me as well.
That night. It was something I’d never experienced. Those sparkles, the joy of seeing you, talking and kissing. You poured heaven into my heart. And I thought I wouldn’t have been able to fall for anyone anymore. My heart was so shattered by others. You came and took it in your hands. You’ve had it with you ever since. And you’ve been taking a very good care of it.
It’s healed. It’s ready to be fully filled with love. Your love and no one else’s.
It’s this true love between us, as a matter of fact. This good one. It shook us to heal the unhealed, it moved us to change what wasn’t right, it leads us to a better life. But it always stayed, it never abandoned us, even in the darkest days.
This love builds, not destroys. This love soothes, not irritates. This love flies, not drowns.
That’s how I feel for you. That’s how love should feel. Anything else is just fake.

© Lusessita Kingsley


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