Journal of less important matters 15/07/2019

I believe that love is happiness. True love puts smile on your face, gives you this pleasant feeling of warmth in your stomach, puts you at ease, gives you energy to act.

Love feels good, gentle, easy.

If you get stressed or experience strange sensation in your stomach, or your hands start to shake, this isn’t love. It’s a warning from your body that this isn’t the right person and you’d better back out. It’s fear. But you try to explain to yourself that it’s the way it should work, because that’s how you’d always feel with others.

But it isn’t love. You try to push it further, but it isn’t love. Be it attachment, ego, possession or the want to control, but all of these has nothing to do with love.

Love feels good.

Love gives you wings to fly.

❤ LK


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