Stay alive. Part Two.

Brian Carter was an aspiring lawyer. He was in his thirties, but due to his unquestionable talent and skills, he soon became one of the experts in the field. His wit, sharp mind, dedication and diligence had led him up in his career at a very fast pace. At the age of 30, he became recognized thanks to a controversial court case that he brought to the win. His name was on the first pages of all the national newspapers. Everyone was impressed by his charisma, how skilled a speaker he was and what unconventional methods he was capable of choosing in order to succeed. The promotion was just a matter of time.

Although he was well-known in the legal world, the pressure from the boss was still high and expectations even bigger. Brian could feel it every time he entered the office in the morning. Co-workers would look at him either with admiration or despise. The latter group would frequently gossip about him with envy. He did take notice of that and at times the negative comments, full of unconfirmed allusions did stay on his mind for long  as he believed he worked hard all his life for the success. He tried to not be bothered by that, however, he knew well that he still had a lot to prove to many in order to work out inviolable position.

Everything has its price, though. Stress at work, ambition and long-working hours would leave a very visible mark on his health, and physics. The hair, once ebony black, had now more and more gray reflexes. His face looked coarse and gaunt. Maybe because he lost some weight due to stress, or maybe it was a sign that the young and reckless “I-will-change-the-world” novice was long forgotten.

“Who are you becoming?”, he once asked the reflection of his face in the mirror.

“Is this the way you were dreaming about when you were just a small kid?”




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