Montenegro of my dreams

I don’t have much opportunity to travel these days as my work occupies a lot of my time. However, I do try to take a break and go somewhere new. The Balkans have always been on my mind. The problem was that I considered this part of Europe rather wild and not easy to travel. I anyway decided to take the risk, or chance – you name it – and booked my flight to Podgorica, the capital city of Montenegro.

From all of the Balkan countries, Montenegro has been the place I really wanted to visit. Perhaps, it’s because the country is yet not so popular a place to visit, which means you won’t find there hoards of noisy tourists, packed beaches and restaurants, high prices, etc. Perhaps, the name that sounds to me the most romantic and Balkan from them all. Either way, it seemed the best destination. 

My intuition didn’t fool me, it turned out a perfect place at that particular time of my life. Montenegro trip was, without hesitation, one of my best trips I’ve ever had. Roaming around Podgorica, spending a couple of days by the sea, taking a day long train trip through the mountains and finally ending in buzzling Belgrade. Adventure of a lifetime! Highly inspiring, refreshing, surprising and productive. I don’t rememeber when I’d last do so much journalling, storytelling, poetry… 

In my next posts I will try to recount the stories from all the places I managed to visit. 
Stay tuned!


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