A letter to my Soulmate

(December 2016)

Dear Soulmate,

What a relief that I finally met you. I was slowly losing hope whether it would ever happen. But it did. It happened so unpredictably that I got lost and scared, at first. I thought I was unable to fall for someone so truly and deeply. And when I felt that for you, I got petrified. But at the same time, since you appeared in my life, it’s got brighter and easier, and happier. The fact that you exist brings back smile on my face.

I am not always the best companion, I know. I have my worse days and mood swings. Don’t take it too personally, though. It doesn’t mean that I don’t care anymore. Quite the contrary. But sometimes the nuisance of everyday life is just so difficult to handle. People keep giving me negative energy, and stress at work, insecurities of what tomorrow brings. All these make me feel so confused. I need then some time off, just to be on my own for a while and think things over.

You see, I’ve always been attracted to the concept of ‘soulmates’. Just imagine. Two people, who once were a unity, became separated by evil gods to be hopelessly searching for each other everywhere. And once they meet, nothing is the same anymore. Everything finally falls into place. Peace and happiness arrive. The energy flows. The best of both come to exist and creative energy emerges to make the mates grow and fulfill their dreams. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

Not everyone is given such a blessing, though. I was so lucky. I was waiting for you all my life and we finally met. I knew you are my soulmate since the very first time I saw you. That sparkle in your eyes when you looked at me. And the fire burning red when we interacted. I got so attracted to you. And I think you felt the same, too. But it was a bit too early for us to admit that, I guess. We had to still experience things on our own, before we could finally unite. Too bad we met in not the most convenient moments of our lives. Me, still having to deal with all the disappointments and you entangled in your past way too deeply.

I am much better now, though. And so many good things have happened to me since the day we first met. I finally cleared out of all the things that were holding me back for such a long time, but I couldn’t conquer them because I didn’t have enough determination to do so. It all changed when I met you. I finally felt the motive power to work on my weaknesses. I wanted to become a better person, just in case you’d need me and I could be there for you, strong enough to share your troubles. I also found courage to finally work on the biggest dream of my life. I can do so now, because I know you’re somewhere there thinking about me and wishing me the best, too. I know this.

I will always keep you in my heart and think about you. I will always remember your scent and touch, your voice and your smile. I will support you in every decision you make. You have a lifelong companion in me.

I believe, though, that we will make it and never separate again. I need you in my life. And I miss you. Now’s the time.

Yours truly,

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