On the Pursuit of Happiness. Five.

My little hollow.


My little hollow. It’s how I talk about that place. My favorite hollow. My 22m2, no more. My very first apartment. Just on my own. And just round the corner of one of the most popular squares in the city.

When I think about that place there was nothing special about it. Pretty small, quite old and without fancy furniture. That place, however, brings me the best memories of the city. I truly enjoyed walking back home through the crowded square of young people full of energy and optimism. A big park within the walking distance, a small fountain that would give you a nice breeze during hot summer days. Back then, it was the only secure place in this mad world around me.

I’d very often sit at the table situated just right the window and admire the view of a backyard with enormous trees. They surely grew bigger and bigger and then started to get old with the people living in the area. My neighbors were mostly elderly people. It was always an interesting encounter with most of them, a chat in the elevator or at the entrance of the building. Elderly people have so many fascinating stories to tell. So many things to teach you.

The view of the trees has always had a good influence on me. Whenever I felt down in the dumps, I’d immediately go to the forest or park and relax in the nature. Or stare through my window for hours. Some kind of healing meditation. Thoughts would clear out and I could get the right attitude back. Or get the inspiration. It was at that table when I first got the idea that revolutionized my life completely. It was at that table when I decided to move to the island.

Thinking about it now, I can hardly understand why I decided to do so. Leaving my sanctuary and heading to the unknown so far away. There must have been a reason behind it. The reason that I was to discover 4 months after having moved there.

© Lusessita Kingsley 2018


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