Journal of less important matters (26/08/2018)

Because when I looked into your eyes I saw the Universe glowing in million of colors.

It was that simple.

Your eyes, two black diamonds reflecting the light beams; they had all the answers.

The yearning gaze following my every move and gesture. The tender smile on your face when I approach you. The sweetness of your touch when we stand close to each other.

The admiring look you give me every time we meet. Your eyes filled with love and happiness.

I know that. I feel that.

We don’t need to talk at all, the magic of the unspoken can’t lie.

I feel the same about you. Do you know that, too?

I adore your every move, subtle smile forming at the corners of your lips, the shyness paralysing you at first, your ready scenarios that you perform for me, your angry look when I don’t follow your plan. I know I should, but I like your frown too much.

With you I feel at home. I feel relieved when you are back by my side. It’s such a great feeling to know you didn’t disappear.

You are the energy that keeps me going, my motivation and inspiration.

You are my light and my darkness. In you I experienced the purest love of all. In you I experienced the darkest hours of all.

With you I grow.

© Lusessita Kingsley 2018



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