Journal of less important matters (24/08/2018)

Ironically, when you long for love and attention of this one particular person very often you don’t get anything from them. That makes you sad and disappointed. You blame yourself for this, you believe that you aren’t good enough to receive their love. You starve yourself, hurt yourself physically. You believe that when you disappear, everything will get better. You want to become invisible, because since you are already invisible to that special one, for what it’s worth?  Why to live for then?

But just hold on and think.

You don’t get support and love and positive energy from this person because you don’t deserve to be loved. Sometimes it’s because that person doesn’t know what love is or how to share love with others. Sometimes they can’t break the walls built by their own ego and pride. They don’t give you love because you aren’t enough. Sometimes, it’s because you’re all that they ever wanted and they are just too afraid to admit this, or they fail to believe that it actually is real and not happening in their dreams. Sometimes it goes deeper than what you can see.

That’s why when you don’t receive this love from them, you should give even more of your love back to the world. Because love has always been there. Love is everywhere.

Just look around. You’ll see it, feel it, taste it and touch it.

Love is everywhere.

And you receive it from everywhere. You are surrounded by stars that fall from the sky to make you happy. This is love.

You are surrounded by strangers,  who smile at you on the street, start talking to you on the metro, hold the door for you when you carry heavy bags and don’t have a free hand. This is love.

You are surrounded by the Universe with all its mysteries and magic that are manifested to you all the time. It is always by your side, ready to guide you. This is love.

Love is there, you’re not alone and you’re loved. Just close your eyes and feel it. And once you feel it, send it further. Be love.

© Lusessita Kingsley 2018


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