Life goes in cycles

Life does go in cycles! My cycle lasts about 2 years. And funny I say this because I perfectly remember myself from 2 years ago.

I was still living in Iceland, but I had a problem to adopt to that style of living, mentality, climate, etc. I also couldn’t really accept the idea that despite having higher education and a lot of experience in my profession the only job I was able to do there was work in tourism or restaurant.

So I was thinking a lot what to do. The weather wasn’t even close to the Polish May weather I knew, and when I was going through news feed on FB and seeing all the pretty photos from Warsaw, I got homesick.

Without thinking a lot, I decided to visit Warsaw for a long May weekend (which is the first 3 days of the month). When I was sitting in a cafe in my favorite square, it started to rain. Then came the storm. I usually don’t like storms but that time it was such an amazing experience. The rain was warm, falling straight down on the ground (for those who have never been to Iceland – due to strong winds, the rain in Iceland always goes straight into your face) so you could hide under the umbrella, there was this beautiful after-rain smell of air… It was only May but the temperature was around 30 degrees celsius.

I was sitting there and thinking “What the hell am I doing in Iceland???” And then, without hesitation, I decided it was time for changes. I moved back to Warsaw in September.

The following 2 years were really challenging as if life wanted to check whether I really wanted to be where I was. Many times I had moments when I just wanted to leave everything behind and move somewhere new and never be back. I had several occasions, and the places were very tempting.

I decided to stay, though. And the more difficult the life was becoming, the more I felt I had to endure and overcome those problems, because I knew that Warsaw was the place where I wanted to be.

2 years later, it’s almost May again. It’s time for another changes.

I’m starting with the apartment. I rented it out together with a friend in order to carry out a project that we hoped to become our lifetime job. Unfortunately, it failed. I was left with this apartment and didn’t quite know what to do. I didn’t want it, but the landlord convinced me to stay. So I stayed and decided to clean the mess that my life was at that time. It took me almost 9 months, 9 difficult months of hard work and lots of sacrifices.  Now I am sitting here, in the living room, and I know for sure that it’s time to say “goodbye” to this place.

And I feel really good about it, no regrets. I’m leaving them in the past.



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