Let the sunshine in!

It’s almost May and I can count the sunny days on fingers of only one hand. The weather is not very willing to treat us with warm air and sunny skies. That is why, when I saw the sun today, it made me really happy. I like the sunshine. A lot…

Funny I say this, it brought to my mind the time when I lived in Iceland.

I guess everyone knows the stories about Icelandic unpredictable weather, long dark days in winters and persisting wind and rain. I can do nothing but prove them right. The weather conditions were pretty harsh, however, surprisingly they would make the life much simpler for me. Every morning when I’d get up, the only thing that mattered to me was the answer to just only one question “Is it raining???” (and most of the time the answer was positive, sigh…). The view of clear blue sky and intensive sunbeams would always give me a lot of positive energy and a really good mood. My life was so simple, and so happy.

So when I was sipping my coffee today (looking at the sunny sky), I started to think about my comeback to Poland. Once I moved back to Warsaw all the bad habits reappeared. I started complicating things around me and, what was even worse, stopped noticing little things that used to bring smile to my face. At some point, however, I felt so unhappy that I promised myself to bring back the joy into my life.

Keep the life simple. Focus on small things. It’s where magic happens.

Plus, everyone needs sunshine in their lives.


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