A Lesson on Tolerance

Some time ago I was really excited to attend one of the summer festivals in Iceland. I chose Secret Solstice, the one that takes place during summer solstice, which means the sun is on 72 hours with only minutes separating the sunsets from sunrises. Still being lucky with the sun, I could enjoy the shows of many great artists and with great company.

~ Loads of love to my dear Ladies! ❤ ~

Among many world-famous artists like Wu-Tang Clan (HI FIVE, an autograph and a pic!), Kelis, MØ, FKA Twigs (in total love with her!!!), GusGus (my Icelandic favorites), etc… there was this one band whose show I’ll remember till the end of my life.

Hercules and Love Affair


A bunch of strange-looking guys, LGBT friendly performing some dance music where you can feel those ’70s &’80s’ vibes were definitely the thing I was really looking forward to seeing.

Despite the songs are pretty easy and ear-catchy, more pop rather than alternative, still they have this “something” that make you feel unable to forget them. I was deeply moved by the message they tried to convey, though. They entered the stage wearing crazy costumes and make-ups. But it’s the way they are; shocking, wierd-looking, extravagant, sexual, provocative… yet sharing the simplest and at the same time the most beautiful idea:

“Be yourself/ Like there ain’t nobody”

(a fragment of their song)

followed by constant affirmations of love for everybody. Be yourself, don’t judge, let others be the way they want, tolerate and love yourself.

Simple, right?

Maybe my feelings wouldn’t be so intensive if I’d stood farther away from the stage (Warning: HEITT!) the guys on stage enjoyed themselves pretty much (almost stripping for the audience), the crowd in front of the stage grew bigger and bigger and went louder and louder, girls were screaming, sun was on, hearts beating on the screens.

Total craze! 😀


I’d still love the whole performance even if I’d been far away from the stage. It was so positive and hatred-free, full of love and understanding. AMAZING!

Can’t wait to see your show again.

IMGP0552 IMGP0551 IMGP0548 IMGP0544 20150620_213906 IMGP0541 IMGP0547


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