Reykjavik on a bike

Summer has finally arrived here but still there aren’t as many sunny days as one might expect. That’s Iceland. Luckily enough, most of sunny days happen usually on the weekends. Best option to plan some outdoor activities. So I’ve volunteered at The Color Run Iceland. Unfortunately no photos, there were a lot of things going on there and I didn’t have time to photograph anything, damn… it was much worth it. All the colours and people. It was great to be part of it and get so many positive vibes from the runners as well as from the staff. If you’re interested what it was like here in Iceland, I recommend checking up their Facebook with hundreds of photos and videos from the event. That was FUN!

The following weekend me and my friend decided to rent bikes, classy and stylish bikes straight from Kex Hostel and ride down the Reykjavik’s coastline to the lighthouse located in Seltjarnarnes. I visited the place last year during my first trip to Iceland however our plan to actually visit the lighthouse didn’t work out due to birds nesting. I wasn’t lucky this time either. The path was completely impassable because of a big tide. Third time lucky? 😉

The place is really relaxing and peaceful. Just the ocean and grassland surrounding it. Numerous tourists, but not so disturbing. It’s enough to walk couple of meters away from the lighthouse and one can experience undisturbed silence of Mother Nature. And the sound of waves. ZEN.

After chillaxing (oh I love this word!) for a while on a cosy bench with an elephant (or was it a dinosaur?) curved on it, we headed to the urban beach situated near the university campus. It was rather crowded. No wonder, the Icelanders take any opportunity to dip their toes in the ocean on a sunny day, or at least bathe in some hot tubs, clear blue skies above their heads. It was so nice putting my feet into the sand and for a moment teleport to those hot places where +30 is a norm… (it was +10 in Reykjavik that day). Cosy, cosy…

Oh and a super cool chill in various cafes downtown Reykjavik afterwards. It’s been a perfect day, indeed.


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