Catching up with my life

Hi you all!

I haven’t been here for a while, well a longer while… The summer has finally arrived in Reykjavik so I’m trying to benefit from every sunny moment I can get here (and there aren’t THAT many in Iceland). For this reason I decided to put my blog on hold for some time and catch up with my real life (and deal with it, too). There’s been many things going on whilst I was off here, both positive and negative. I had to come to terms with those negative ones and at the same time get as much as possible from the positive ones. Just to keep the right balance.

I must admit, it was quite hectic to stay sane and simply put up with all that, but I managed. And to be honest, I’ve been really surprised with my attitude and actions, I mean in a very positive way. I can’t believe how much my behaviour changed over the past year, maybe two (after my Russian adventure to be more precise).

I’ve become much much stronger, both mentally and physically. I devoted lots of time to fight my weaknesses and get as assertive as I can. Thanks to several good souls who helped me going through this process as well as regular yoga & meditation sessions, I managed to finally transform my thoughts into the positive ones and not let my mind rule my world. I feel much happier now and it feels so great taking pleasures in simple things and enjoying every moment of my life without anything holding me back. It was much worth all the effort to see myself the way I am now. And I am so damn proud I was able and didn’t give up half way through!

So since I’ve been meeting new people, getting inspired every day, seeing new places, coming back to the known ones, experiencing new things… I’m gonna recount the highlights from the past month. It’s gonna be worthwhile, I hope. 🙂

Stay in touch.


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  1. Reblogged this on Lusessita Kingsley and commented:

    I do enjoy seeing my transformation. ♥️

    Reblogging a post from more than 3 years ago. Life is a curious thing. It put me through hard times again last year, probably to check if I were able to apply what I’d learnt before. It took time, but I remembered all the good things I have in my life. Staying positive in hard times is the key to prevail in life.

    Enjoy reading.


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