King's Day in Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s a very vibrant city. At first glance you might get the impression that everything’s chaotic and unorganised but once you synchronise with the city’s rhythm you just can’t get enough of it. Especially when you visit it when special events take place.

Last year (finally!) I decided to visit Amsterdam during the most famous celebrations; the King’s Day. King’s Day is celebrated on 27th April, the birthday of a Dutch king and it only started last year since before Netherlands were ruled by a queen and all the celebrations were held on 30th April.

It’s one of those things marked as “mandatory” on your bucket list. So was it on mine. I went there totally alone but I couldn’t feel alone not even for a minute. 🙂 Of course thanks to my favourite CouchSurfing community. I managed to find a group of people, travellers as well as locals, who wanted to meet up and enjoy the time together.

The celebrations were crazy. Everything started the night before, 26th April with some live acts all across the downtown area. The music varied dramatically, from very folk Dutch artists to some crazy dressed experimental bands. Thousands of people on the streets all dressed orange, all merry-making, loud and happy.

The actual day of celebrations started quite early. I was woken up at 8 am by the band playing on stage just outside the house I was staying. I couldn’t do anything else but join the party.

Funny thing was that almost all mobiles were out of reach, the networks went crazy and I couldn’t reach anyone with whom I was to meet. (And the locals told me it’s every year the same.) 🙂 So I was just walking around in the area where we were supposed to meet and luckily found some other guys to join me forming quite a big group.

The city resembled one big club. Almost on every corner you could see a small stage set up or just some loud music coming out from the bars. Everyone was there; parents with children, the elderly, teenagers, foreigners… Everyone. All in great moods, no hostility, no violence, just peace, joy and music. That was intense. We were just strolling down the streets, getting the vibes, going from one place to the other, dancing on the streets, singing, hitchhiking the boats swimming through the canals and simply enjoying ourselves. 🙂 Unforgettable experience and memories that will last forever.

I totally recommend going to the King’s Day to everyone. It was one of the best events I’ve ever attended and definitely one of the most colourful! Such relaxed and joyful, even though packed with people. It’s one of those experiences that will always bring smile on my face whenever I think about it.

So go there and you won’t regret it!


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