Easter Flashbacks #2

On Easter Sunday I was invited to join the family in their summer house in Laugarvatn, a place located not so far away from The Golden Circle area. The area known for the geysers and famous waterfall called Gullfoss. The weather was very unlike Easter, there was still a lot of snow and rather gloomy skies, the temperature was not so high, just slightly above zero. All made a cold yet august atmosphere.

We first went to the Þingvellir National Park. It’s a very picturesque area with a waterfall and small, winding rivers. You can do a little hiking there or simply stroll around the area. However, because there were quite a lot of tourists there, we decided not to stay and be back when the weather is nicer. So I’ll focus more on this part of Iceland somewhere in the future.

When we got to Laugarvatn the weather wasn’t any nicer. Maybe just the wind wasn’t as strong as in the lower parts. It’s a mountainous area and with good weather conditions you might have a nice trekking trips to the mountains. But still, the weather in Iceland changes very rapidly, can be even within a few minutes, that’s why if anyone plans all day hiking trips, they must be prepared for all kinds of weather. And they’ll definitely get them all. 🙂

Laugarvatn is a place mostly for summer houses. You can either owe one or simply rent for a short-term stay. There’s a hot water swimming pool and all the necessary amenities.

I took a short walk to discover the area, and despite the gloomy weather, which the nature seemed to be geared to, it was pretty amazing to see all the views there.

Of course the main reason why we all gathered there was Easter dinner. There were also quite typical dishes like roasted turkey, vegetable salads, brown potatoes (!!!) and some springy dishes like asparagus and fruit salad (in the top left-hand corner) with grapes, apples and sour cream sprinkled with chocolate. In fact there were a lot of chocolate cakes there, too.

And I think Icelanders love ice-cream. It seems to be one of the most popular desserts here. Accompanied with self-made chocolate sauce (yes, more chocolate), I’ve been served with ice-cream couple of times so far. And I’ve been here only for 3 weeks.

Since Easter in Iceland is all about egg hunts, the kids got way too many chocolate eggs as Ester gifts. Well, in fact I also got my chocolate egg

full of Icelandic sweets.

Thank you my family!

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