Easter Flashbacks

Sorry for not posting for such long. The Easter time was quite intensive and I thought that a little break from the virtual world will only do good to me. Plus, I was a bit anti-social(media) those days and stayed offline for most of the time.

However, I’m back on track with a handful of nice pictures and Icelandic observations. One thing. It’s my personal point of view based on what I’ve experienced. I’m not the alpha and omega, I might be wrong at times. Just don’t get offended. 🙂

Let’s start with

Easter in Iceland

It’s pretty cool down here since most people have week-long holidays. It’s because of many different religious celebrations which take place around Easter Sunday.

And since almost everything’s closed in those days, many Icelanders simply have time off work and go on holidays to some warm countries like Spain.

 I was invited to two dinners over that period. The first thing I found really really REALLY positive was that people here are very familial. Even though I was a stranger to them, everyone welcomed me with a warm heart. A word of explanation here. I came to Iceland to be an Au Pair, which means I stay with a host family and experience their lifestyle in exchange of taking care of their children. From the very beginning, the family members have treated me just like one of them, I got a very warm welcoming and help whenever I was in need, and it’s been the same ever since! 🙂

So I am really pleased that I ended up with such great people and could take part in such gatherings, just getting to know the customs and traditions. And from what I’ve noticed, Icelanders really like traditions. Which is in fact pretty cool with me since I was born in a town deeply rooted in folk traditions and handcrafts. To my delight, the traditional art is quite similar to my folk art from Łowicz. Just have a look at some of the decorations:


The next thing is food, of course! (well, I’m a foodie…)

Apart from typical dishes like meat; there was traditional smoked pork which cooked in the oven, veggie salads (especially for me), there were 2 things I fell in love with.

First: brúnaðar kartöflur (brown potatoes)

(And smoked pork in the background)

I loooooove them. They’re soo good in taste. And so easy to make. You just need boiled and peeled small potatoes (here you’ve got them ready to eat in every shop, they’re just so popular 😉 ), sugar and butter. You put everything in the pan and simply fry until the sugar melts and gives this nice caramel colour. They’re really tasty, to me the taste was quite similar to roasted chestnuts but a bt sweeter. 🙂

Second: Malt drink

Malt is nothing else than the thing you use to brew beer, for example. In order to make the drink you need a malt extract, which you can buy in a regular shop and it looks like this

and you mix it with orange soda drink.

And there you go. 🙂

It’s really sweet in taste with a bit of a caramel flavour and orange touch. Yummy ❤

Quite addictive, though!

Well, my family promised me to try more traditional food in the future. I really look forward to having some other delicacies. 🙂

Stay tuned!


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