Inspiration #1 (nice)Land of ice and fire PART TWO

As you could see in my previous post, Icelandic nature and landscapes had a huge impact on me. I was totally inspired by the views. However, the thing with this trip wasn’t only about the places there. It was much more than that.

I think the most important and inspirational aspect of this journey were the people I met there on my way, especially my CouchSurfing host. And a Crazy Cat girl, who was also surfing the couch in the house.


**If you’re not familiar with Couchsurfing idea, go to my previous post about it here.**

Thanks to my host’s and his roomies’ hospitality I was able to stay in a great house just in the downtown of Reykjavik and live the regular life of people there. Doing things they normally do, spending free time their way.


I was meant to go there. You know the saying that everything happens for a reason. It was my case with this trip. I really enjoyed spending time in that house; It just felt so much like home. The house was big and comfortable with a huge wooden table in the kitchen and nicely designed old-fashioned chairs. There was a small garden and an overhead projector on which we watched football games.


(Yes, it was the Euro Cup time 😉 ).

I spent a lot of time with my host and simply living his life for a week. It was this experience that made me doubt in everything I’ve been so far. He’s perfectly mastered the art of being himself and being perfectly comfortable about it (and thanks to this making everyone else around feeling comfortable).


When I was observing him it struck me that I wasn’t 100% the person I used to be nor the one that I wanted to be. Due to many different experiences I somehow lost myself on the way trying to please everyone and forgetting about my needs and dreams. I realised how untrue I was to myself pretending that everything was alright and it was supposed to be that way.

My Icelandic trip opened my eyes to many aspects of my life. It was that moment in the living room at 101 Reykjavik that I decided to change my life and finally living it my way, regardless of what others might think.

So, since I fell in love with Iceland so much, my comeback to Poland was pretty harsh. I couldn’t find my place, the people seemed grey or transparent to me. You know the feeling when once you have everything you need and then you lose it. So I had it all back there in Iceland.


It took me couple of months to finally decide about moving there, sleepless nights considering pros and cons, lots of doubts and fears… But eventually I managed to make this next step, start a new chapter in my book and here I am, writing to you from Iceland. ❤

When I think about it now, it feels like it took me so long to make a final decision due to my fear of unknown (and probably my not so good Russian experience). I didn’t know how would it be, if I could adopt to the new surroundings, I even almost gave up on that idea because of that. Plus, I would leave all my life and family behind and start something new, just on my own. It frightened me. But I’ve overcome it. And I’m dealing really good here, it came so natural to me to be here in Icelnad.

And this is what I’d like to tell to everyone: don’t be afraid to follow your dreams. Even if it doesn’t work out, it’s better to regret things we’ve done than regretting that we haven’t done them. Follow your dreams.

If it’s not now then when?


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