Inspiration #2 Soundtrack of our lives

“Without music, life would be a mistake.”

Friedrich Nietzsche


Well, most surely music is the only thing that is with me at all times. I listen to music almost everywhere and while I’m doing different things like working, cleanng, cooking, chatting, doing nothing… On the radio, music player or simply floating there in between my brain cells; some sort of soundtrack of my life. It happens to me that I can spend all day browsing the web in search of new sounds, reading interviews or just music news. And in general, the song lyrics occupy more than 90% space available in my memory; short- and longterm. 😉

I don’t differentiate between music genres, I think those who put labels are unable to fully enjoy what they are listening to or they son’t understand it. And music is not for understanding, it’s for enjoying. One can’t say this or that is bad. It’s just if one doesn’t like it, it doesn’t mean others might not enjoy it. It all depends on our tastes. In the past, when I played some bands to my friends they just looked at me as if they were saying “Is everything OK in your life?” (and vice versa when I heard their music). But that didn’t prevent us from being friends, it’s just a matter of one’s preferences.

In general, I listen to different types of music, depending on my mood. I was brought up on classic rock, so whenever I hear Led Zeppelin or The Doors I just smile and hum the songs to myself. When I was a teenager I switched to more hardcore style and reggae, and ska music in between. 😉 And now I got more into electronics and techno music. And I like it, I like my eclectic style. Thanks to it I can go to a rock concert, Techno party or a reaggae festival and I feel great in all the places.

I can’t imagine my life without music.

Well then, I’m leaving you a song of my current most favourite artist.

Got back to listening 😉



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