My favourite day of the year

There are days for which I’m waiting with bigger anticipation than for the others. Today’s one of them. It’s what we call the Fat Thursday, the last celebrations of carnival before the Lent. I’ve already given you some idea of what this day is about and how we celebrate it, you can just click here to read it.

What I really enjoy about this day is the fact that you can eat tonnes of doughnuts without even feeling guilty. Well, it’s the last time when we can eat abundant meals before starting to fast. And since doughnuts are my truly favourite treats, full of delicious ja filling with this sweet icing on top with orange zest scattered all over it, I can’t help it but eating them. Yummy.


This year, however, I decided to try out the vegan equivalents to traditional doughnuts which ought to be fried in a deep grease. They are vegan, gluten-free and 100% natural. So I was pretty excited to taste them. When I got to my favourite place, Krowarzywa, which is having them on sale today, I was kinda shocked seeing all the people rallying in front of it. Would it mean that there are so many vegans in Warsaw, or maybe it’s just this latest trend (and trends in Warsaw spread faster than the speed of light 😉 ) to eat healthy? Nevermind that. The queue went quite smooth and I didn’t have to wait too long to try my desired delicacy. At first, I was a bit undecided about the taste (probably, it was because of quite intensive flavour of the oil in which they were fried, and not so fresh oil, I’m afraid), but when I got to the rosy filling, ohh that was it! The tastes mixed and gave this sweet doughnut’s flavour, however, more delicate, like a bit more refined. I was relieved it didn’t disappoint me in the end. Very fluffy and light and not so sugary.


Of course, the taste is different. If you are a traditionalist, you might get disenchanted with them. But still, on the plus side is definitely the home production and some kind of lightness of them. After having eaten two, I still feel like having couple more. Try it with the regular ones. Good luck. 😉


I’m really in two minds to decide which one should get the lucky number 1. I love the taste of the traditional one and I really appreciate the healthy benefits of the vegan. Maybe they just shouldn’t be compared after all? All in all, it’s the time for celebrations so we can let ourselves sin a little bit with the traditional ones and if you’re on this unprivileged position of being allergic or so, vegan ones are perfect as well…

Well, I won’t say “no” to neither variants 🙂

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