From labs to Wonderland

Seems like Alice hasn’t been the inspiration only for me. I’ve come across an article about an Italian charity that helps rescue animals from labs or cases of mistreatment. They’ve come up with an idea to have a special photo-shoot inspired by L. Carroll’s novel. The animals like mice, rats, rabbits and guinea pigs once badly treated have regained their beauty and dignity as models in a photo session presenting the well-known scenes from the book “Alice in Wonderland”.

The photo-shoot was an idea of one of the volunteers, an amateur photographer, to celebrate 10th anniversary of the charity. Some of the photos were used in a charity’s calendar, which has been made to help raise funds for other animals.

The photos are adorable, I couldn’t stop watching them again and again… I’m not a big fan of rats and mice, but those photos are really magical. As the volunteer said, it all started with a white rabbit, just like the book. It must have been Alice then. 🙂 The photos can be found on the charity’s Facebook or in the original article, you can find the link here.

And if you happen to live close by, maybe it’d be a good idea to visit the association and adopt one of those cuties. Or simply buy a copy of the calendar.

It’s such a great initiative.


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