Inspiration #7


I’m not an expert in yoga, however, it’s been almost 2 years since I started it. With me, there’s always the same problem. Flash in the pan. A lot of optimism at the beginning and after 2 weeks a total disinterest. I was a bit afraid that it was going to be the same case with yoga. Yet surprisingly, the optimism has stayed and I’m regularly practicing it (at least I’m trying). And my hobby turned into a passion and a new lifestyle. When I started yoga I also decided to go vegetarian just to fully detoxicate my whole self and start this regeneration in all areas of my life. My friend recommended me one type of yoga, good for beginners, I started it and it happened to become my favourite type. I keep practicing this particular one. In more advanced variants, though. Before I started, I’d read a lot of things about yoga and meditation and many of them said that it’s dangerous and in fact people shouldn’t practice it and thing like these. Yes, I agree with it. It is really dangerous. It will change your life. You’ll become happier, more focused and self-content. You’ll start enjoying small things in life and stop complaining. You won’t be that much interested in lives of others and prefer to focus on your own. Scary, huh? Maybe better to stay in front of the telly? Yoga is not for everyone for sure. Well, I decided to take this plunge and it turned out to be absolutely for me.

As for meditation, it was a really great help for me back there in Russia. Those who read my previous posts already know that this country left quite big mark on my psyche, so anything that came at handy soon was incorporated in my daily routine. Just to be able to manage it somehow till my return to Poland. Meditation helped me realise what I really want in my life, what is important and which way to choose. Now, whenever there’s this thought race in my mind, I sit in the lotus flower pose, turn the meditative music on and turn my mind off. It really helps stay inspired and focused. It gives you the power to go farther. It helps you discover yourself. And since overthinking does kill happiness, the meditation then does kill overthinking and brings happiness back in your life. As simple as this.

 So ” Ommm and Sat Nam” everyone! 🙂



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