TOP 10 Lifetime Inspirations #8

The times have been quite intensive recently but I’m happy that I managed to find a few minutes to write. So as I’ve written here, I’m gonna share the things that inspire me the most in my life. The order is random as they all have a great impact on me, regardless of time and place. So far I’ve talked about food and my work. Time to continue. 😉

8. “ALICE IN WONDERLAND” by Tim Burton

In fact, my list should start with this film as I’ve come up with an idea to create such list while watching it, again. (Was it the 5th or 6th time I’ve seen it? Not the last one, for sure.) In general, I’m a big fan of Burton’s movies and probably each of them left some mark on me, yet I believe that this one was super special to me. It was my birthday when I first saw it. 3D screening. I got totally hooked on it. For 90 minutes I was caught up in another dimension, the world of fantasy where nothing is at it should be, where everything’s different since normal is boring, where strange creatures, bizarre flowers, peculiar twins, flying cats and the Mad Hatter appear on a regular basis… Totally bonkers. Totally weird. Totally me.

It caught my fancy not only because of this illusive yet so attractive world but also because of the basic truths it conveys. Be yourself, don’t let the others control your life, do what your heart is telling you, follow your dreams. Even if they tell you you’re crazy, never give up on your longings, never give in. Keep up your pursuit of happiness. Don’t let the expectations of others block you.

Have I gone mad? I’m afraid so.

(…and it will continue…)

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Simple. Everlasting. Inspirational. 


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