Lifetime Inspirations #9

This one’s gonna be short.


Believe me or not. I take great pleasure and satisfaction out of my work. Every day I meet different people, we talk, we laugh, I become part of their lives, they become part of my life and me. I watch them grow and develop. I see how they progress and how they change. I’m really happy I can be part of it. I’ve always been a “people” person, loved making new friends, interact with strangers and getting to know them. And I have always been a kind of “altruist”, ready to help whoever appears on my way. Teaching is a combination of both. I help and I interact but also I learn a lot from them. Patience. Tolerance. Empathy. With my students, we share our dreams, fears, problems. They are the continuous source of inspiration. And because of them I keep going, I know I can’t let them down. Demanding Yes, but it’s worth it.

And yes, I have a beautiful job. 🙂

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