Good to be back?

It’s been ages since I last wrote a post. I got inspired to get back here by some spammer trying to convince me my blog is worth to go viral and she (???) has some useful tips to help me become more visible… 😉

To my amazement, I last posted 8 months ago for Easter holidaysTime passes so fast lately… I haven’t even noticed this. Being overload with work I hardly had time for my private life, not to mention writing a blog. I missed it, though.

So since sharing is caring and we’ve got the beginning of a bright new year (and I’m back on my blog), I think I’ll take this opportunity to share some thoughts with you. It’s been more than a year when I started this blog and a lot of things have changed, especially in me. 🙂


Life went a bit crazy when I got back from Russia. Back then, a year ago, coming back to Warsaw seemed like winning a lottery, all in all, everything’s better than Russia (sorry!), and I really felt I was in the right place doing the things I like, meeting nice people, moving to a studio flat, and being completely independent (I even became a freelancer and dealt with all my business matters, invoicing, taxes, etc. on my own!). But on the minus side, I completely lost the track of what’s important for me, what my values are and what I believe in. The life went faster and faster and days shorter and shorter, work longer. When you have your own business, even the micro one haha, you’re all the time “at work” thinking, organising, reorganising, scheduling, rescheduling, making phone calls, answering emails, and so on and on and on… And when you’re in such constant move, you start thinking “Is it all worth it?” And the most probable answer that comes to your mind is “Yeah, probably it’s not.” Welcome to Warsaw.


Today, one year later, I can say that this Warsaw lifestyle is not so distant from what I had in Russia. People care only about making money, working like crazy to get as much as they can out of it, leaving little or no space for enjoying life. I found it bit (ok, very) perplexing to see (and acknowledge) that people give priority to material gains over personal development.

All this led me to one conclusion: I don’t want to become one of them. And: I don’t belong there.

I’ve decided to work hard on my spiritual side and I must admit that thanks to this I’ve rediscovered myself.It was so amazing to go through all the mazes of spiritualism, meditation nad stuff, most of which was accompanied by a suspicious look from my friends, to be precise. But it was worth it. I found myself in the least expected moment. Of course, it took some time and a bunch of crazy people on my way, but I’ve reinvented myself in almost all aspects of my life.

In my next posts, I’m gonna try to share the most inspirational and powerful moments from 2014 that added a real value to my life.. So if you’re curious enough STAY TUNED!

Happy New Year people! 🙂


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