A mystery train

I love travelling by train in Poland. Such journeys almost always abound in a variety of unexpected situations. For example, today’s trip was full of educational opportunities. When I was waiting 2 hours for the train (that apparently wasn’t meant to show up), I had a great chance to learn all the trains’ timetables and even started to recognize different destinations only through the train’s numbers.

Finally, when the next train arrived (wait, according to the speaker “the train was delayed 110 minutes”) and all the people waiting got on that train, it turned out that the temperature inside was more of a tropical type, it didn’t matter that the train was equipped with air-conditioning. Who cares about air-cons anyways? Well, after half an hour  inside, with all the windows locked and no chances of opening them and filling the waggons with a little bit of fresh air, yeah, it did matter. So another opportunity to learn: how to survive without oxygen?

However, the journey ended with a pleasant twist. On leaving the train I spotted a group of people, apparent foreigners, who didn’t seem to know what was happening. I approached them and said that it was a final stop. We started talking. It turned out that they wanted to go to Warsaw, but they must have taken the wrong train. When I told them that they were 80 km away from Warsaw, their faces didn’t look happy at all. I felt sorry for them and decided to help them and sort everything out so that they safely get to our capital. I noticed a very familiar accent and when asked them where they were from, the answer was somehow obvious to me, Madrid. It was so amusing hearing this cute Spanish accent in their speech and talking for a while about my beloved city while dealing with all the ticket/transfer/platform/etc stuff. In one second I called back the memories from the time when I lived there, all the negative feelings were washed away immediately. Spanish people, BIG ❤

Well, I finally got home. For now, I’m enjoying my hometown and the lovely countryside. Not that bad. 😉

Happy Easter!



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