Have a good week!

Usually, on Monday mornings I get up with a “don’t-come-close-to-me” attitude. Firstly, because I hate mornings. Secondly, I hate Mondays. Today, it wasn’t any better.  Especially when I had in mind a vision of all the morning spent in public offices…

However, the more I walked through the city, the better I felt. It’s such a lovely and sunny day. And Warsaw looks really beautiful when the sun warms the building with a yellowish embrace. Even the ugliest buildings looked surprisingly interesting 😉

just have a look at the Palace of Culture and Science:


And farther the view remained the same…


As I took a tram ride back home I took some more photos thru the window. The view is great!


I only wish that the winter is really finally and permanently over and that spring won’t give up on brightening our (Mon)days.

Have a great and inspirational week folks!


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