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More than a year ago, I decided to go healthy and radically change my lifestyle.  I thought the best way to do so would be simply to change my diet and start some nice sport (or at least be physically active). As I had already reduced the amount of sugar and salt in my meals, I had to find something more challenging. 😉 That’s why I’ve become a vegetarian. Giving up on meat was a very difficult decision, and accompanied by limited consumption of dairy products as well as the alcoholic drinks sounded like a nightmare.

However, after couple of weeks I found it completely involving (and addictive) to wander through the limitless mazes of vegetarian cuisine and try various dishes and recipes. To my great amazement, at that time in Warsaw such a healthy lifestyle began to spread around the whole city. You could observe the emergence of new eco/green/veg/etc cafes and restaurants at a quite big scale. And as it normally happen with trends nowadays, “green fashion” soon faded away and was pushed away by other foods, namely burgers. So of course as the trend was set, you could now observe the emergence of burger bars. There was a saying that a month without a new burger bar is a wasted month. 😉 But among all the bars and cafes, there’s been one which perfectly combined those two fashions.

source: tripadvisor.com

Krowarzywa Weganburger is a place always full of people and taking into account the size of a place (it’s basically all that you can see in the photo), there’s hardly room even to move around 😉 No wonder. The food offered there is incredibly tasty. Everything is home-made style, from the bread to the salsa. There are different types of burgers you can choose from. Tofu? Or maybe seitan? Or simply a vegetable mix wrapped in a tasty cover of crunchy bread (2 types to choose: white or whole-wheat). Burgers can be accompanied by a freshly squeezed juice or smoothie, or you can have a home-made lemonade (delish!).



The place is recommended by tripadvisor.com.


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