Buddha’s smile

New Year’s Eve is for lots of people the most important celebration throughout the whole year. It’s the time when the old year ends and when the new one starts. People anticipate this moment with excitement since many of them have already created some expectations about the upcoming year. However, for some people it’s the time for partying, and partying hard like there’s no tomorrow. No wonder why on the following day the balance of gains and losses might be for some quite interesting…

Has it happened to any of you to lose something of a high value during a NYE party? A mobile, wallet, credit card? What about a Buddha’s statuette? Yes, correct. On 1st January my friend, while staring through the window, couldn’t believe her eyes… In front of the house a little statue calmly smiling at the passers-by was standing on the concrete fence in front of the building. A Buddha himself bringing his good Karma 😉 That was a definitely great omen for 2014.

I couldn’t restrain myself from going there and greet him just to get some of his good powers, too. And thanks God I went there because the following day he was gone… I’m leaving you his photo just to share and spread his goodness 🙂



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