The sweetest delights of Russia

As soon as I decided to complain a little about the Internet companies in Ulyanovsk (shame on me), my boss received a message from one of them that they are able to connect everything today. Soo here it is! My Internet ;)) Time to get back on track and share more of my Russian impressions.

Today I’ve received a message from my friend with a link, which turned out to be my inspiration for this post. Namely: Russian sweets! I’ve tried lots of different sweets from many different countries, but honestly I must admit that all the sweet things available in Russia are just incomparable. Whenever I do some grocery shopping I can’t help it and always buy something sweet, mostly my choice are different jellies, so called “bird’s milk” ptichye moloko (which in Poland is “ptasie mleczko” ) and various small cakes with nice creamy or fruit fillings. All of them  seem to be home-made with a secret formula only known to the creator. They don’t just look nice, they taste like heaven. All of us remember the childhood, especially the time before Christmas, loads of cooking delicious food and hours of baking the best cakes. That’s it. The taste of a cake your mum or your grandma prepared. Something that you didn’t forget and will never forget πŸ˜‰

I’m leaving you the video my friend sent to me. It’s really great and shows how big pleasure the girl has when eating all those delicacies πŸ˜‰


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