In the search of the Internet

For the couple of weeks I (and my boss) have been struggling to find any Internet provider for my flat. The most common answer we could hear is that they don’t work in the area where I live. However, one answer just made my day.

After several days of contacting one company, they have finally answered us. Everything was just perfect. Yes, they provided the Internet in my building, they can come the following day to install everything in my flat, they have a nice price for it. The problem appeared when they asked about the exact address. They asked for the flat number and the floor. After couple of minutes, they contacted my boss again and told her that, unfortunately, they can’t provide me with the Internet because I live on 7th floor and they reach only 6th floor. Asked about their plans to extend their network, they answered that they are thinking about it but not in this building… I’m asking: WHY do such things happen to me???

I’m now taking advantage of a short break at work to write this post. Here, on the ground floor there’s no problem with the Internet connection.  It’s just seems so unreal (surreal). Well… I can do nothing but laugh about it 😉




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