A living history – at the dinosaurs museum ;)

I’ve always liked Sunday mornings. You go out on the street and there’s no one. Empty streets, cosy silence and a lot of room for yourself on the pavements. And if the weather outside the window is beautiful, it’s the best time to set off for an adventure. If you want to spend a great day in Russia, you should definitely go to the countryside. So there we’ve gone.


Our destination was a place called Undory, famous for mineral waters and a very rich history.


Talking about the history. Out trip started at the Museum of Dinosaurs. It was a great lesson for me and it goes more less like this.


Long, long time ago, when our planet was a peaceful and pristine land, there weren’t any signs of human existence and Russia was covered with water there lived sea monsters. Their homes were the big seashells marvellously sculptured and adorned by sea waters.


But when the sea level started to decrease, the sea monsters abandoned their safe houses and slowly disappeared or evolved into another species leaving the seashells empty. Soon the sand accumulated there and throughout hundreds of thousands of years and the shells turned into a natural masterpiece of stone called Simbirtsit.



 Later the dinosaurs appeared, and from what the guide told us, lots of archaeologists visit Undory just in search of the dinosaurs’ remnants. To my surprise one of my “favourite” dinos lived there, namely Brachiosaurus , and to make things even better, I could touch its real bones, which were found couple of years ago close to the Volga river. And thanks to the museum’s guide I was able to take some photos of (with) the dinosaurs. 😉


Then we could have a look at other animals which used to lived there, among which there was a mammoth, just for you one of its teeth. Btw, do you know how many teeth a mammoth had?? 😉



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