Unexpected Visit

It’s been a while since I’ve last signed in here and now it’s been one month of me living in Ulyanovsk. It’s not that easy neither hard. But some situations, they just kill me 😉 Like today in the morning…

Just one word of explanations. About two weeks ago I moved to a different flat – better as they said. It’s very convenient to me because I live just 5 minutes from my work but the flat’s condition… It really cries out for vengeance, honestly.

So imagine today 7 am. My neighbours almost broke the entrance doors by knocking, and then when I opened them, an elderly woman followed by her husband entered and directed herself to the bathroom shouting something about wet ceiling.  Just to let you know, I don’t speak Russian, and that was what I kept telling her but without any reaction. So it turned out that the pipes were leaking and they had the whole ceiling wet and they want me to call the plumber to fix it, and to call the owner of the flat to whom I don’t have any number, and then that they’d call the police and go to the court for this and how it is possible that I’m living here alone and there’s no man in the flat… Am I  German??? 😉 And it lasted for 40 minutes until I finally gave up trying to explain anything and stopped talking to them and they got weary of trying to explain the situation to me, and left saying it’s impossible that I don’t speak Russian and that people who left me here alone should feel ashamed. You can imagine this type of people – elderly, a bit deaf, talking really loud, at 7 am on Sunday morning…

Two hours later my boss, Anna,  called me and I went downstairs to my lovely neighbours to make them speak to Anna so that she can explain everything to them.  And to make everything even funnier, in the end it wasn’t me who flooded their flat but other neighbour who lives above me!


But all in all, my downstairs neighbours are now my friends and they feel a big sympathy for me, a poor non-Russian girl, who doesn’t speak Russian.  A blessing in disguise 😉


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